Submission Guidelines – Movie Reviews

Submissions are currently OPEN.

Real Horrorshow is looking for horror movie fans who want to write a review of a horror film from Netflix. We want to read the opinions of other fans, so we can share them with the horror community in order to understand and respect the views of these films, whether or not we enjoy them. The point of these reviews is to share your opinion of the film without bashing those who feel the opposite, and without bashing the horror fan community in general. This is a way to get your opinion out there, and to also read the opinion of others to better understand horror films, and to grow within the community and as a fan of the genre.

What we want.

  • A review that follows our rubric to the letter.
    • If you need help, here is a good example of how the movie review layout should look.
  • A review of a film in the horror category on Netflix.
    • This review must be of a current movie. For example, if your review is written in November, the film should be available for streaming in November, don’t dig back to the movie list from October of the previous year. That’s not fair to the readers in the community – we want them to have access to the movie so they can watch it and then read your review.
  • A review that includes images, it makes it more fun!

What we DON’T want.

  • We don’t want you to be an asshole. Trust me, we can tell you’re an asshole once we read the first paragraph of your review. Be kind and be open minded, but don’t BASH people for feeling a different way than you about the film you’re writing about.
  • We don’t want you to ignore the rubric or how we grade films. If you ignore this rubric, we’ll just ignore the fuck outta you!

With all that being said, if it follows the rubric, is well written, and we like it, it’ll be published on the Real Horrorshow blog. Our submissions for movie reviews are open year round and published on the website on a rolling basis.


Submission Guidelines

  • Please send all of your submissions to: [email protected]
  • Include the subject line as follows: “Last Name, First Name, Movie Review, Date”
  • In the body of the email, please include an author’s bio and information about the movie review:
    • Author’s Bio: Full name, 2-5 sentences that describe you and the kind of work you produce. If this is your first time writing, tell us about yourself: schooling, hobbies, that kind of thing. If you have a blog or website that features your writing, please include it in the bio. No funny stuff.
    • Review Info: Movie title, director, and how you graded it. Give us a small blurb as to why you feel the way you do about it, so we know you have real feelings and can also use your brain to justify them with proper reasoning. Also give us a word count.
  • Please send your submission as a DOC or DOCX file. Do not create something with clever formatting, it’ll just be reformatted for our blog.
    • This means send it as an attachment, don’t copy and paste the damn text into the body of the email. Don’t you know how to use email? Don’t you know how to attach files? Prove it.
  • If you have relevant images to accompany your work, send those as well as JPEG files. No funny stuff.

Please give us a while to read your submission and get back to you with an answer. We will either reject you or accept you, but we WILL respond. Just give us time. If a year happens to go by, send us a reminder.

If you disobey the guidelines even in the slightest, we will not read your work.

If you disobey the guidelines and send us inapropro shit, funny shit, anything that we DON’T want, you’ll be banned.  

With that being said, happy submitting!