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Update August 17, 2017

Just popping in with a quick update about what’s been going on and where we’ve been.

We recorded our second episode on a set of bad microphones, and both of our audio had awful distortion that I couldn’t fix in post. We did try to re-record the episode, but at the moment my computer is having a difficult time running Audacity or Garage Band. Thus, we’ve postponed our review of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare and future episodes until I set up my new computer–but before that, I have to buy a bigger desk. Hopefully, all of that will happen within the next two weeks.

As for the microphones, Stormy and I have invested in Blue Yeti’s, which will hopefully improve the sound quality of the podcast as well as shorten the time it takes to edit since there will be less white noise picked up. I actually don’t have one yet, but we’re hoping the mics were just having a bad time working on Mac, so we’re going to test them again before spending more money.

Stormy and I also moved in July. Not together. To separate places. Conveniently on the same day so neither one could help the other. Imagine that.

So, because of the move and the end of graduate school, July was a super busy month for us. But we’re back, and we plan to start uploading content regularly once more.

Also, if you have a movie review/rant, please submit to us! You can find our rubric under the about us tab, and you can email it to us a [email protected] .

We’re also going to start developing submission guidelines for other forms of creepy content, so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements.

Glad to be back and we’re excited about all the fun stuff we have planned-ish for the future.

Fuck off and have a swell evening,



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