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This is an Update

I’m a terrible blogger. I’m open about that, and I don’t pretend to be good at what I do…

Is the attitude I’m planning to leave behind in 2017. Or, I’m going to try to.

First, A Cheesy Thank You

2017 has been a pretty busy year for me and Stormy. We launched Real Horrorshow in the Spring, finished graduate school, started posting consistently over the summer, moved, officially launched a travel press, and read a book or two.

And what’s amazing is that despite our inconsistency early on (and kind of sort of dropping written content for a while) we’ve managed to gain a following. Albeit a minuscule following in terms of podcasts, but we have 100+ followers on all of our social platforms. I never, ever thought that would happen when Stormy and I recorded our crappy first episode of our ePublishing in Practice class.

Oh, if only Alfonse could see us now.


Where to Go From Here

We’re continuing with the Podcast, herp derp. But, Stormy and I pay for the website and podcast out of our own pockets, so moving forward, we’re going to have to figure out how to monetize our “products” moving forward. In the coming months, you’ll probably see Amazon ads appearing at the bottom of our movie reviews. These are affiliate links and buying any of the products linked will help out the show without costing you anything extra. Obviously, you won’t have to buy anything. We’ll still love you. We also have a Paypal account you can find on the Support page…. and we might even start a Patreon one of these days.

Other, FREE, ways to support us going forward is sharing our posts and episodes and giving us 5-stars on Stitcher and iTunes. The more, good, ratings we have the higher we get in the iTunes/Stitcher charts. I’m not saying make a bunch of dummy accounts, but I won’t slam any wrists over it.

Lol. Jk. Please don’t make dummy accounts.

In terms of content, I–personally–plan to get better at writing on a more consistent basis. We’re also, hopefully, open our user submissions. As graduates of publishing school, I know Stormy and I have always intended to publish user-generated content. If you’re interested in submitting, then you can go take a gander at what we’re interested in on our submissions page.

The only hold up has been writing and revising our Terms of Service and Privacy policy, which are kind of important when you plan to bring on contributors.

We hope you have a great New Years and let’s make 2018 the best it can be.




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