Real Minishow Ep. 55: Sam's Resident Evil 4 thoughts and Stormy's Scream 5 review.

Real Minishow Ep. 53 – Sam’s Resident Evil 4 Thoughts, and Stormy’s Scream 5 Review

This week we hit the midpoint of the fourth season of The Originals, and Alaric has re-entered the picture, setting the stage for yet another spinoff. Even though getting through this series has been a chore, Stormy sets the ambitious goal of finishing it by the end of April. 

Will Sam be able to convince her to get to Castlenvania despite her disdain for animated shows? Yes. Or the podcast ends here. 

Sam also gives her initial thoughts on the Resident Evil 4 Remake and Stormy finally breaks her silence on Scream 5 because she finally watched it. 


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