Review: Consecration

Hubris of Man (Consecration 2023 Review)

We’re back after our mini-break and some major life changes. Sam is now married and Stormy is still chugging along on her Ph.D. (like, she was literally doing school work in the bridal suite??). This week, we’re here to review the newish Catholic horror film Consecration. 

Consecration is a 2023 Shudder Exclusive horror movie that follows an English Jenna Malone to a Convent in North Ireland. She’s there to uncover the truth surrounding her brother’s death because she simply can’t accept that he took his own life. Throughout her search, she finds that things aren’t as they seem in this quiet little convent and that there’s something sinister lurking beneath the surface. 

We also take twenty minutes to discuss what everyone on the Internet is talking about: The Titan Submarine and the Hubris of Man. Seriously, the word hubris has reached its ultimate peak this week. I’ve never heard it used more. Hubris hubris hubris hubris hubris. 


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