Disemboweling the Forgotten Hemsworth (Death of Me)

This week, Real Horrorshow is covering the 2020 horror movie “Death of Me” starring Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth. The story follows a couple trapped on a remote island off the coast of Thailand after they watch a video of the previous night, which contains footage of one killing the other. Will they make it off the island or will these American tourists get what’s coming to them? Maybe they’ll learn the most important lesson of all: that if a festival isn’t listed on any calendar…there might be a reason for that.

Sam and Stormy also share some of their worst travel fears and experiences and give some useful Minecraft tips as well.

So buckle up and join Real Horrorshow as we discuss “Death of Me.”

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Sam and Stormy died and they can’t get into Heaven until they watch every single horror movie on Netflix. But, like, those movies are constantly changing, so it seems like someone is yanking their chain. 

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